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Whereas I would always recommend going to an actual yoga class, so you can get specialist attention from a yoga teacher. That is currently not possible so far in 2021 due to Covid-19 restrictions! It’s been a while since I made YouTube yoga videos, you can find the oldies and the new ones on my YouTube channel

‘ I can thoroughly recommend James and his online yoga sessions – these bitesized sessions on his YouTube channel are easy to follow, cover a range of scenarios e.g. 15 minutes before work, 20 minutes for those who sit at a desk for a long time and his classes are for all abilities and levels of yoganess. Enjoy…’ – Sue Stokes

‘Just wanted to say I’ve been having a go at your videos, I’ve decided to try yoga and doing some at home first until I’m more comfortable going to a class! Really enjoying them, they’re really good. Make lots more!! – Annabelle Lowes

‘Hi James. I tried your yoga for cyclists yoga video on YouTube and I wanted to say that it was really effective. I struggle a lot with tight muscles (latissimus dorsi & rhomboids) in my back due to the position of sitting on the bike so it was nice to stretch them. Keep the videos coming.’ – Rhian Greaves

If you’re looking to delve a little deeper, into your yoga practise, I have collaborated with an online wellness and fitness platform called Namoo. Where blocks of five classes, covering a specific theme can be found. You can access my Namoo classes here.