I’ve taught classes in England, Australia & New Zealand. My students tend to be, people from all walks of life, with varying body types, physical abilities and emotional states. My classes are open to all and suitable for all levels. No prerequisites. In my classes students can expect, not just instruction on physical postures but laced into the Asana based classes, teachings on:

-Bandhas – Muscular contractions
-Pranayama – Breath control
-Vinyasa – A flowing sequence, providing a transition between postures
-Dhristi – Point of gaze or focus
-Asana – Physical Postures

I’m qualified to teach the following styles of Yoga: Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Power Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Modified Ashtanga Vinyasa, Yoga for Cyclists.

Vinyasa Flow Classes


Expect a dynamic class of traditional postures linking breath with flowing movements, to create energy in the body, whilst releasing stress in the mind. You will develop increased flexibility, coordination, strength and a more peaceful mind.

‘Attending James’ Monday classes has helped me achieve my cycling and fitness goals and avoid injury by building core strength and flexibility. It’s great to start the week feeling relaxed and invigorated.’ – Tom Saunders

‘I felt so welcome in your class. Everyone was so friendly and you have massive amounts of positive energy going on’ – Nati Hall

‘Hi James, thank you for yesterday’s class, a really lovely reintroduction to the mat and just what I needed. ‘ – Olivia Marcia Donnelly

Flow & Stretch Classes


The best of both class! Expect half an hour of energetic dynamic Vinyasa Flow, linking the breath with flowing postures and movements, followed by half an hour of slower, deep connective tissue, targeting Hatha/Yin.

‘I highly recommend James’s class. I look forward to it every week. Not only is it slowly improving my flexibility, but my mental health also benefits highly from this hour. Highlight of my week!’ – Lea Chantelle Bamford

YouTube Yoga Classes

Now on YouTube black & white

Whereas I would always recommend going to an actual yoga class, so you can get specialist attention from a yoga teacher. Sometimes you just don’t have the time, you might feel uncomfortable going to a yoga class and might want a taster first, or you might want to take your favorite teacher with you on your holidays! With these things in mind I’ve started a YouTube channel, so you can do just that!

‘Just wanted to say I’ve been having a go at your videos, I’ve decided to try yoga and doing some at home first until I’m more comfortable going to a class! Really enjoying them, they’re really good. Make lots more!! – Annabelle Lowes

‘Hi James. I tried your yoga for cyclists yoga video on YouTube and I wanted to say that it was really effective. I struggle a lot with tight muscles (latissimus dorsi & rhomboids) in my back due to the position of sitting on the bike so it was nice to stretch them. Keep the videos coming.’ – Rhian Greaves

So that I am able to continue to create online content, please make a donation here

Hatha Yoga Classes


Hatha Yoga in its traditional sense translates as: Forceful or physical Yoga. In the modern world, Hatha Yoga is commonly seen as a style that is somewhere in the middle ground between Restorative and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Expect slower paced class of traditional postures with focus on breathing technique. A real mix between Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga.

Thank you so much James I actually feel like a new person. I can’t wait until next week already!’ – Liz Cane

‘Great session today with James… Only my second time doing Yoga but definitely something I will carry on doing! …100% recommend this class’ – Andy Monaghan

Power Yoga // Yoga Fit Classes

Mayura Padmasana – Peacock. Photography by Rochelle Van Der Merwe

Expect an energetic class, combining breath with strong dynamic movements. Aimed at improving strength and flexibility, you will leave this class feeling worked out and calm. You may even break a sweat!

Early Morning Yoga Classes


Start your day right! Traditionally Hatha Yoga is practised first thing in the morning before breakfast. Expect a class with a longer warm up, to allow your body to become warmer and supple after remaining static in bed. Gradually going into an energetic flow to get you feeling energized and of calm mind for the day ahead.

‘Really enjoyed the class this morning, James is a great teacher lovely pace and excellent transitions between the asanas, flowed from start to finish! Feeling really calm and energised. Great start to the weekend! Thank you James, hope to join you in class again soon’ – Caroline Franks

‘Feeling so relaxed and positive after an early morning yoga class at Flow Yoga. It was well worth getting up at 6am for a 7am-8am yoga class which was the best way to start Friday. Thank God it’s Friday.’ – Rhian Greaves

Reverse Warrior. Photography by Rochelle Van Der Merwe

Yoga For Cyclists Classes

Yoga is quickly becoming an essential performance enhancing tool for cyclists, and more and more pro’s are using it to: Improve flexibility, core strength, enhance breathing techniques, aid recovery and help create sharper mental focus.

In the gym you should focus on strengthening your core for 30 minutes each day, mixing up Pilates, Yoga moves and using exercise balls’ – Bradley Wiggins (2012)

I specialize in Yoga for Cyclists. As an avid cyclist myself and member of Bristol Road Club I know the mental and physical challenges cyclists face. I understand, now more than ever, how Yoga can help cyclists with injury prevention and injury recovery. Read my article ‘Why Should Cyclists do Yoga’

Expect traditional poses and flowing movements, linked with breathing. Focusing on releasing tension from areas of the body, which become tight and unbalanced from being hunched up on a bike.


Restorative Yoga Classes


Expect a slower paced, gentle class, linking movement with breath. Exploring traditional poses, held for slightly longer than in a Vinyasa Flow or Ashtanga Class.

‘Just wanted to email you to thank you for a great class. I really enjoyed the restorative and relaxing atmosphere, and at the same time had a very invigorating yoga session. Lovely relaxation at the end too! Many thanks!’ – Sian Bayliss


 Yoga Classes at Lunch Time

Matsyasana – Fish Posture. Photography by Rochelle Van Der Merwe

Re-energize your body and feel that midday stress peter out, with yoga classes at lunch time. Expect a Vinyasa Flow style class, carefully sequenced with traditional postures to reverse the effects of being hunched over a desk revitalising the body and mind.

‘After a Spin and a Kettle Bell class this morning, thank you James for restoring me… Namaste’ – Kelly Hooper


For my Timetable click here

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