I am currently on a long hiatus from teaching yoga and will not be teaching any classes – public, private or online in the near future.

The biggest reason for this is so I can focus my energies on my other small business Howling Wolf Coffee, as we recover from the impact Covid-19 has had. While I put my all into Howling Wolf Coffee’s recovery, my desire to teach yoga has diminished to the point where if I were to teach right now, my heart would not be in it. For now, I have lost my yoga teaching mojo! And if I were to teach in this current state, it would not be fair to my students.

I also feel over the past five years I have accomplished what I wanted too in teaching yoga – helping those that needed it and sharing the benefits of yoga with those who came to my classes. Right now, I have nothing left to give. I need to learn more to give more, as a teacher.

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a big knock financially for me & my partner Rochelle (as it has been for many others), as I didn’t have much of a safety net operating as a self-employed yoga teacher. This has made me re-think how I am going to be making a living in future.

Will I be teaching online classes? In short no, for the same reasons as above. But also, I’ve found in making past online videos very stressful and not something I want to do on a regular enough basis to make it worthwhile for viewers and myself.

I do plan on getting back into teaching or managing teachers, as part of our larger business dreams with Howling Wolf Coffee so keep an eye on howlingwolfcoffee.com for updates.