Meggings Review


It’s the 21st Century and Meggings are here (and have been for a while now). Yes Meggings is a play on words for ‘man leggings’ and I have just been sent a couple of rad pairs by Meggings Man Clothing, thanks guys!

I am in full support of the movement trying to close the gender gap, not just with fashion but with all walks of life. As a Yoga Teacher and an avid Cyclist leggings are like a dream come true. They are massively practical. They mean I can cycle to my classes in them (keepin’ all aero), hop off the bike and teach in them. Something female teachers have been doing for ages now, whilst I sat there filled with jealousy.

They are also wonderfully comfortable and the stretchy fabric means I no longer get restricted in wide legged poses like Baddha Konasana. Whilst still retaining warmth, they are less sweaty when compared to cotton trousers and they are also very light and easily packed into a bag, great for Yoga classes after work, travelling and retreats. Plus they have the universe printed on them in great photo-like detail, which is quite mesmerising! The only downside with these particular meggings is they aren’t tapered around the ankles, which means they tend to ride up a bit.

Nebula Meggings

Thinking these are Meggings, leggings designed for men and not female leggings, I was expecting some differences, one being crotch support. But to my surprise there is no crotch support! If you’re one who worries about the boarders and outline of your bits being seen, this could pose an issue. However from what I’ve read it would seem they’re designed so that you wear underwear underneath them, but delving into this debate just a little bit more and you soon find this isn’t definitive and the debate rages on between commando and under garments!

On the whole they are a big step forward in active attire for men. I definitely would recommend wearing them for Yoga. They are much more suitable than the heavy, sweaty and un-stretchy cotton jogging bottoms. I’m not sure off of the mat & bike that I would wear ones as colourful and patterned as these, but certainly they have a big place in active and fitness wear for men.


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