Meditation Visualisation on The Word ‘Vast’


Visualisation Meditation on the word Vast: To take your meditation deeper and to grow the feeling of stillness, sometimes visualisations can help. Visualisations are where you picture something in your mind (it helps if you close your eyes). What exactly to picture can be very subjective and can have different effects during Meditation. It is believed in some types of Yoga focusing on the Chakras, that visualisations of the colours, or the Chakras and/or the position of Chakras can result in them opening, cleansing & helping to move energy through them. Athletes are more, now than ever, are encouraged to use visualizations to enhance performance. They might go over a routine in their minds, feeling, imagining and acting out every movement. This has been proven to help prepare the mind and body for the task ahead.

In my meditation practise, I’ve found visualising the vastness of the deep, expansive ocean and the vastness of the sky can really help to touch and expand on the stillness I feel during meditation. Helping to nurture and grow this stillness, moving me deeper into a state of relaxed awareness. This also can work as a visualisation technique during Savasana. Perhaps give it ago!

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