Parallels with Ancient Yoga Philosophy and Contemporary Media


I love drawing parallels with ancient Yoga philosophy and contemporary media, such as SOME of the philosophical aspects of Fight Club. In the quote: “Reject the basic assumptions of civilization, especially the importance of material possessions.” – (Chuck Palanhniuk (1996) in ‘Fight Club’ the book or as said by Tyler Durdon (1999) in the movie). This line is said when Edward Norton’s character is on the phone to the Police, answering questions following the destruction of his Condo. At this point in the movie he has rather extremely removed himself physically from his material possessions and is arguably struggling to let go of “The Condo life” in his mind, as Tyler puts it.  In Yoga, the concept of non-attachment, non-possessiveness and non-greed, originating in the mind as part of one journey to Samadhi (simplified, Yogic Enlightenment), is known as Aparigraha. I think it’s awesome how ideas like Aparigraha are conveyed in modern films/books, such as Fight Club. I think it shows the truth of these teachings through the ages and their still timeless application to modern life.

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