Find it hard getting off to sleep?


Find it hard getting off to sleep? Savasana – Corpse Posture, can help.

I’ve had struggles with insomnia before and once I discovered this posture it really helped to get me into a state where entering sleep is much easier. In: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, “Hatha”, Yin and most other yoga styles this is the final posture. Yoga recognises continuing cycles in nature and as we are part of nature we go through continuing cycles ourselves. Your yoga practise is a cycle in this way. As Savasana is at the end of the practise, for this reason it is known as the death of the practise. In Savasana we let go of the practise and remain still with an unattached mind.

TO HELP GET OFF TO SLEEP at the end of a long day: Get into bed, lay on your back, position the legs so that they’re at shoulder width apart, let the feet fall out to the sides. Position the arms slightly away from the body and position the hands with palms facing up. Close the eyes. In this posture all the Skeletal Muscles are not being used to support the body, thus the body can truly let go of muscular tension. To relax the body further, I find it helpful to imagine each muscle and ask it to release/relax/let go, in turn, travelling slowly upward from the toes, bringing awareness to all the muscles, up to the crown of the head. After 5 mins or so (at this point in a yoga class you would be asked to slowly come around), this may get the body and mind into a nice relaxed state, preparing it nicely for a deep, long sleep. If you are finding it hard to switch off the mind chat, try practising simply acknowledging thoughts, with no judgement or inquisition into them; notice them come and let them go. I really hope this helps, peace and good sleeps

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